We have the pleasure to invite you to the next edition of EVRICup 35+, to be held in TRIESTE– Italy between the 8th and the 11th of June 2015.

We would appreciate that the answer to this invitation could be sent as soon as possible to the organization e-mail address – The deadline set for this purpose is the 15th of March 2016.

Each team can register up to 12 elements – 10 players and 2 delegates. Registered players must have completed, at the start date of the competition (08/06/2016), 35 years old for the “35+” category, and 50 years old for the “50+” category.

For the “35+” category, will not be accepted entries of players that are currently federated or have been federated in the previous season (2014/15). The disrespect for this situation will result on the disqualification of this player’s team and the loss of the entire registration fee.

The registration fee for the 2016 edition of EVRICup was set at €250.00 (two hundred and fifty euros) – maximum value set by EVRICup Regulations, and is meant to support organizational costs.

The registration fee should be settled until 25st of March 2016 by bank transfer to the account with the following details:
Team registrations will only be considered valid after confirmation of the registration fee payment. The money transfer statement must be sent to the organization’s e-mail ( together with the Team identification.

Any dropouts made after registration confirmation will follow, in terms of refund, the rules set out in the EVRICup Regulation in force, i.e.:

  • Dropouts that occur from 01.04.2016 to 29.05.2016 – 50% refund of the registration fee (€125.00);
  • Dropouts that occur from 30.05.2016 to 07.06.2016 – Absence of reimbursement.

The registration fee includes the participation of the whole team (up to 12 elements) in the convivial dinner to be held after the end of the competition. Participation of the team escorts at the convivial dinner is allowed, but is subject to a cost of €25.00 (twenty five euros) per person and to prior reservation (up to 1st of June 2016).


That said, the intended schedule is as follows:


15.02.2016 Invitations submission
15.03.2016 Teams registration deadline

The registration must include:

1.     Participant Name

2.     Role in the team (player / delegate)

3.     Date of Birth

4.     Identification document number

5.     Participant Photo

6.     Subscription to your Federation Hockey and Skating year 2016

Until 10.03.2016 Publication on the competition’s Facebook webpage of general information on how to get to the EVRICup 2016 site(s), lodging, transportation, etc.
25.03.2016 Registration Fee payment deadline
Until 01.06.2016 Media and PR Communication
08.06.2016 Delegates meeting
08.06.2016 Start of Competition
11.06.2016 End of competition and Dinner Gathering


We count with presence of all in TRIESTE for the 22nd edition of EVRICup.

Best regards,

the EVRICup 2016 Local Organizing Committee


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